Scott Gibson

Principal Engineer
Snohomish County PUD

Scott Gibson is a Principal Engineer with Snohomish County PUD in the Generation Department. Scott is a graduate from the University of Wyoming where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987. After graduation, Scott worked for Boeing, designing electrical power systems for airplanes, in addition to an engineering firm where he designed electrical systems for commercial buildings.  In 2000, Scott joined Snohomish County PUD and started in the Power Quality and Energy Efficiency group, then moved to Distribution and finally to the Generation Department, where he’s been for nine years. Scott is now the Principal Engineer on all new electrical generation projects. Scott worked on the development of a Tidal Generation Project, and helped to design and construct two new “run of the river” Hydroelectric Projects.  Scott is now the Project Manager for the PUD’s latest energy storage project - The Arlington Microgrid

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