Alan L. Cooke

Senior Research Economist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Alan Cooke is a Senior Economist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) researching electric grid-related topics including the treatment of battery energy storage in integrated resource planning, industry trends in distribution system planning, coordination between utility resource planning and distribution planning, and the use of benefit-cost analyses for valuing distributed energy resources. Alan has also analyzed life-cycle benefits and costs associated with multiple commercial equipment efficiency standards for the U.S. DOE. Before joining PNNL, Alan worked at an electric utility. His utility projects included leading a team working to demonstrate compliance with NERC reliability standards, developing wheeling rates for an open access transmission tariff, and performing economic analyses of transmission and distribution issues. He has also worked a pricing analyst for a non-utility load-serving entity, and as a management consultant focusing on integrated resource planning, demand-side management planning, and performing retail rate studies for utility clients across the U.S.

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