Reasons to Attend

The ESA Storage Exchange - Powered by EPRI is unique in the energy storage sector. The event is designed as an exchange of ideas, helping experts in the space examine the steps necessary to successfully integrate an energy storage project and evaluate the different ways companies are deploying storage. The Storage Exchange draws on the latest data and modeling and the real-world experiences of our expert attendees to understand how energy storage is changing how the electrical system works, and where it goes from here.

An event unlike any other, the ESA Storage Exchange brings together energy services companies, project developers, and other stakeholders in an engaging environment of expert technical education and peer-to-peer idea exchange.

Storage Exchange presentations are engaging and short. For each of the three tracks, invited speakers will open the discussion and provide background and insights. After the introduction, all poster presenters will give a lightning-quick ignite-style talk to introduce their poster. At only two to three minutes long, these presentations give attendees an introduction to the project or model the posters describe. Attendees then have an hour to wander the room and discuss the projects in greater depth with the poster presenters.

Attendance at Storage Exchange is a unique experience -- an inspiring technical event designed to share real-world experiences. You don't want to miss it. Register today!