Standards to Reduce the Complexity of Communicating, Controlling, and Integrating Data from Energy Storage Systems

Session: Rapid-Fire Introductions by Poster PresentersDate: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 / 8:50AM - 9:20AM PDTTags: Poster / Deployment and Field Experience

In March 2019 EPRI, Enernex, MESA, SunSpec Alliance, and Xanthus Consulting wrapped up a 2-year, $1.2 million-dollar effort (California Energy Commission EPC 15-089) to develop interoperability standards to streamline the communication and data integration between energy storage systems and associated grid control systems. This poster will summarize the results and highlight what interoperability standards are out there for storage systems and how they can streamline both initial installation and long term O&M. Stop by to have a conversation with the speaker to learn more about the standards, their benefits, relation to IEEE 1547-2018 requirements and UL-1741 testing, and associated tools for implementing and validating them.