Health and Performance Characteristics of used Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Packs

Session: Rapid-Fire Introductions by Poster PresentersDate: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 / 11:35AM - 12:05PM PDTTags: Poster / Performance, Reliability and Technological Advancements

Second use EV batteries will become more and more available as new EV fleet generations go into service. Recycling used EV batteries is a rather expensive option  and even more so as these batteries have a significant amount of residual life left and can be repurposed for various other use case application, e.g. energy storage solutions behind-the-facility meter.

This poster will present a data-driven analysis of state-of-health and performance found in a population of used EV battery backs. Results will include an analysis of time-series data to select a sample of used EV battery packs from the population to be composed into a second-life energy storage system suitable for C&I applications.

This continued work contributes to the development of second-use energy storage systems in order to improve grid reliability as well as grid economics leveraging more affordable energy storage devices. This implies the development of software-based battery observers which allow to warrant the necessary situational awareness inside used EV battery packs to ensure energy storage safety as well as performance.