2nd Life EV Batteries - Real Life Implications for Stationary Storage Implementation

Session: Rapid-Fire Introductions by Poster PresentersDate: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 / 8:50AM - 9:20AM PDTTags: Poster / Deployment and Field Experience

This poster will outline the challenges of using actual EV 2nd life batteries for stationary storage, and outline solutions and recommendations for vendors to consider for their use in secondary applications. The presentation will detail the presenter's experience with reverse engineering actual 2nd life batteries from one of the first approved autonomous electric vehicle programs in the US for their use with a stationary storage PCS. The presentation will cover the first two phases of the project of using, first, 1 battery individually (phase 1) and, then 6 batteries in parallel (phase 2) as a proof of concept for using all 50 available 2nd life batteries for a 500kW/1MWh system to be installed in Mountain View, CA later this year. We will cover practical engineering details such as BMS integration, communication, protection, voltages, conductors, and form factor. We will also cover deployment details such as safety, permitting, and certifications. This topic is important because of the growing amount of 2nd life batteries that will soon be available for secondary applications. While it certainly makes sense to use 2nd life batteries, the practical difficulties presented through this poster will need to be addressed first. This information is relevant to stationary battery OEM's and integrators, and also to policy makers involved in safety standards and 2nd life opportunists (and to really any techy because the project is, frankly, pretty cool and probably the first of its kind). Ultimately, I'd hope the poster/presentation would outline some of the challenges with using 2nd life batteries to inform manufacturers and OEM's how to better engineer cells, modules, and packs for secondary applications.