Energy Storage STUDIO Conference

The Energy Storage STUDIO Conference (Storage Uses, Deployment, Integration and Operations) is an event designed to examine the steps necessary to successfully integrate an energy storage project and evaluate the different ways companies are deploying storage to lower costs, reduce emissions, and establish a more resilient electric grid. Unlike any other, the Energy Storage STUDIO Conference brings together energy services companies, project developers, and other stakeholders in an engaging environment of expert technical education and peer-to-peer idea exchange. 

The Energy Storage STUDIO Conference will feature invited guest speakers, and interactive poster presentations. Each Energy Storage STUDIO session will be two hours long and centered around a specific theme. Each session will have three parts:

  • Invited guest speaker presentations
  • Rapid-fire topic introductions by poster presenters
  • Poster session, which includes in-depth, intimate discussion and networking 

The Energy Storage STUDIO Conference is a collaboration between the Energy Storage Association (ESA) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).